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Sen. Oluremi Tinubu joins UN Day Against Rape in Sierra Leone, commends counterpart

Sen. Oluremi Tinubu arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone, on Thursday to collaborate with her counterpart, Fatima Jannie-Bio, in commemorating the UN Day Against Rape and Girl-Child Exploitation. Upon her arrival, she was warmly received by Mrs. Jannie-Bio, and the two dignitaries embarked on a boat ride into Freetown, where they were greeted by vibrant Nigerian and Sierra Leonian cultural troupes.

As outlined in the programme, November 18th would witness a series of activities dedicated to addressing gender-based violence, the exploitation of young girls, and the prevalence of rape across Africa. The focus of these activities revolves around fostering a unified front against these challenges that persist on the African continent.

During these events, Sen. Oluremi, alongside her counterparts from Angola, Ana Dias Lourenco, and Mrs. Jannie-Bio, is anticipated to officially commit to raising their voices in the battle against these vices while advocating for support and assistance for the victims. Speaking to NAN upon her arrival in Freetown, she expressed her perspective on the significance of the upcoming event.

“This event will signify a turning point for Africans, particularly women, in their battle against prevailing challenges,” she stated.


She lauded her Sierra Leone counterpart for her dedicated efforts toward improving the lives of women. “I am truly impressed by her initiatives aimed at empowering women here; the impact is substantial,” Sen. Oluremi praised.

While acknowledging that the full extent of Mrs. Jannie-Bio’s contributions might not be immediately evident, Sen. Oluremi emphasised the importance of her efforts in shaping a positive legacy. “At times, the magnitude of her contributions may not be fully recognised, but history will undoubtedly remember her as someone who made significant strides for the people,” she affirmed.

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