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Israeli Forces’ assault on Gaza escalates humanitarian crisis; Biden calls for hospital protection

Israeli forces intensified their offensive in Gaza, targeting hospitals and residential areas. Tanks positioned near Al Shifa Hospital hint at a dire situation within healthcare facilities, with reports of patient deaths, including infants, due to power shortages amid the ongoing conflict.

US President Biden urged hospital protection, signalling ongoing negotiations via Qatar for a potential ceasefire and prisoner releases. However, tensions persist as Israel rejects the Hamas-offered ceasefire, expressing concerns over potential regrouping.

Amidst propaganda allegations between Israel and Hamas regarding weapons storage in hospital basements, the conflict further exacerbated, leading to mounting casualties and severe humanitarian challenges.

Simultaneously, violent confrontations in the West Bank amplify fears of a wider conflict. The situation remains critical, necessitating immediate international intervention to de-escalate tensions and address the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


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