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LASEPA’s festive pledge: Keep it down, please!

LASEPA, the champion against noise troubles in Lagos, is gearing up for a festive face-off with unruly decibels. Imagine a gathering of entertainment bigwigs, all brainstorming on how to throw epic parties without turning Lagos into a perpetual concert hall.

Enter Mr. Tokunbo Wahab, the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, who laid down the law. He stressed the need for some order in the noise department, especially during the upcoming festivities. He’s all about keeping the nightlife lively without causing chaos in the community.

“We recognise the vital role the entertainment industry plays in our cultural and economic landscape. However, it is imperative that we strike a harmonious chord between entertainment activities and the peace of mind of our residents. This requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders and strict adherence to the prescribed laws and regulations,” Wahab said.

Then, Dr. Babatunde Ajayi, the General Manager of LASEPA, stepped into the ring. Teamwork is his mantra! Ajayi emphasised the need for everyone to play their part in solving the noise puzzle. His game plan includes soundproofing joints, setting reasonable noise limits, and keeping a close watch on the noise scene. He’s not just about rules; he wants a win-win where clubs thrive, and neighbours get a good night’s sleep.


Ajayi’s strategy also involves educating the night owls. He wants to spread the word about responsible noise levels, turning the nightlife into a chill zone where everyone can enjoy themselves without disturbing the peace. And here’s his secret weapon—sound control permits. Planning to throw a bash? Get a permit, and LASEPA will make sure things stay under control. It’s like having a noise babysitter, but for parties.

So, here’s the lowdown: LASEPA is on a mission to keep Lagos lively without turning it into a never-ending carnival. The stakeholders’ gathering wasn’t just a casual chat; it was a serious strategy session. Let’s see how this team of noise warriors keeps the city buzzing while ensuring neighbours get a good night’s rest. Party on, but keep it cool, Lagos! 🎉🤘

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