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Humane Unveils $699 Ai Pin Device

Silicon Valley startup Humane, backed by a team of ex-Apple veterans, has launched the Ai Pin, a $699 device aiming to integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence seamlessly into daily life. The wearable device, designed to be worn on clothing, taps into a virtual assistant powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s cloud computing. The Ai Pin utilises a laser projection system to display text and monochromatic images on the user’s hand.

Humane, founded by former Apple employees with iPhone experience, distinguishes itself in Silicon Valley by steering clear of mixed-reality headsets. Co-founder and President Imran Chaudhri emphasised during an earlier demonstration that “the future is not on your face.”

Unlike traditional screens, the Ai Pin relies heavily on artificial intelligence to engage users. The virtual assistant can compose messages in the user’s tone of voice and features a “Catch Me Up” function to summarise cluttered email inboxes. Additionally, the device includes a camera for taking pictures and using computer vision to assess objects such as food, providing nutritional content estimates.

“Ai Pin is the embodiment of our vision to integrate AI into the fabric of daily life, enhancing our capabilities without overshadowing our humanity,” stated Chaudhri.


Set to be available in the United States from November 16, the Ai Pin has garnered significant financial support, with Humane raising $241 million from backers including Microsoft, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and others.

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