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Consul General of India in Lagos celebrates Indian investors as largest group in Nigeria

Chandramouli Kern, the Consul General of India in Lagos, has highlighted the significant role of Indian investors in Nigeria, noting that they have emerged as the leading investors in the country with over a cumulative investment of $27 million and a presence of no fewer than 200 Indian companies. He made these remarks while inaugurating “Anchor Restaurant,” an Afro-Asian restaurant in Lagos.

Kern expressed the Indian community’s pride in their achievements in Nigeria and stressed the importance of sustaining their success. He underlined that Indians in Nigeria are making a substantial contribution to providing meaningful employment opportunities for Nigerian youths. He noted that “Indians in Nigeria are the second biggest employer after the Federal Government.”

The Consul General commended the founder of Anchor Restaurant for his investment in Nigeria’s hospitality industry. Kern also extended an invitation to the public to visit the restaurant, emphasising that it offers a diverse range of culinary experiences encompassing African, Asian, and continental cuisines. He praised the restaurant’s inviting ambience and coastal-themed decor.

“I congratulate you for opening this restaurant; the ambience is beautiful and welcoming, beautifully decorated and painted blue, all signify the coastal area here. I wish you good luck, and I hope it will be a fruitful venture for us all. I encourage everyone to visit this place; it offers all forms of cuisine and drinks cutting across nations,” Kern stated.


Kern also encouraged fellow Indians in Nigeria to continue upholding a positive image of the nation through their behaviour and conduct.

Shri N Mahesh, Head of Chancery in Lagos, joined in congratulating the restaurant’s founder, expressing confidence in the success of the venture and extending best wishes.

Additionally, a friend of the founder, Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, congratulated the founder for venturing into the hospitality industry and encouraged him to continue his endeavours.

Earlier, Mr. Mohan Kaki, the founder of Anchor Restaurant, shared his background, explaining that this was his fifth restaurant establishment in Nigeria, with four others located in Abeokuta and Ibadan. Kaki pointed out that his restaurants in Oyo and Ogun states were named Tamberma Restaurants after the Togolese language, while the Lagos branch received a different name to reflect its coastal location.


Kaki emphasised that Anchor Restaurant aims to cater to the culinary preferences of Africans, Asians, and individuals from various continents. The restaurant, adorned with African designs, is designed to provide a welcoming atmosphere for those seeking unique and diverse meals.

“We have available here, Nigerian local cuisines like Edikang Ikong, Gbegiri, Efo-riro, Okro, Oha, White soup, Ground-nut soup, Eba, Pounded yam, and more. We also have continental cuisines, as well as offerings for the Southern Indians who enjoy spicier dishes and the Northern Indians who prefer creamier options. We also offer an exclusive seafood menu, and our prices are affordable. Before the end of next year, I hope to establish up to six branches here in Lagos,” Kaki elaborated.

The inauguration of Anchor Restaurant marks a significant milestone in India-Nigeria relations and investments, strengthening the presence of Indian businesses and enriching the culinary landscape in Lagos.

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