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Emergency repairs on Eko Bridge to cause temporary closure

Lagos State Government Announces Traffic Diversion Between Costain and Alaka Descent

The Lagos State Government has issued a public notification regarding emergency repairs on the Eko Bridge, situated between Costain and Alaka descent. In order to facilitate these crucial repair works, the bridge will be temporarily closed to traffic.

Starting from 8 a.m. on Saturday, 4th November, the Eko Bridge will be inaccessible to motorists. This necessary closure will last until 4 a.m. on Monday, 6th November, 2023, when the bridge will be reopened for regular traffic.

The closure is essential to address critical repair needs and ensure the safety of road users. Motorists planning to use the Eko Bridge during this period are urged to follow the advised traffic diversion route.

To mitigate the inconvenience caused by the bridge closure, motorists are advised to use the Costain Ramp to access Alaka through the Costain Roundabout. This alternative route is expected to help alleviate traffic congestion and ensure a smoother flow of vehicles during the repair period.


The Lagos State Government appreciates the understanding and cooperation of the motoring public during this temporary closure of the Eko Bridge and apologizes for any inconvenience that may arise. Safety remains a top priority, and these repairs are essential to maintaining the integrity of this vital infrastructure.

For real-time updates and further information on the status of the Eko Bridge and related traffic conditions, the Lagos State Government encourages residents to stay informed through official channels and traffic management agencies.

By adhering to the advised diversion route and cooperating with traffic management personnel, motorists can help ensure a safe and efficient repair process on the Eko Bridge.

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