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Man testifies against pastor in sexual assault case

In an Ikeja High Court, a middle-aged man, Chigozie Emmanuel, has testified against his pastor, Elijah Emenandy, who faces charges of sexual assault by penetration and sexual assault. Emmanuel alleged that the pastor introduced him to explicit content, masturbation, and anal sex in his church office.

Emmanuel, led in evidence by Lagos State counsel, Mr. Olu Azeez, recounted the alleged incident that occurred when he was 19 years old. He explained that Emenandy had predicted his death in February 2021 and requested that his mother bring him for immediate prayers, which he initially didn’t take seriously. However, he later decided to meet with the pastor after receiving another message from him.

Emmanuel described how he and his mother visited Emenandy during an evening church programme. Subsequently, Emenandy expressed a desire to meet with Emmanuel alone, without his mother’s presence. During their meeting, Emenandy claimed to have received a vision related to Emmanuel’s death and offered to pray for him, initiating weekly counselling sessions.

The witness detailed how Emenandy inquired about his sexual experiences, including masturbation, pornography, wet dreams, and involvement in fraudulent activities. Although Emmanuel denied most of these activities, he admitted to considering fraud. Emenandy advised him against engaging in fraud and encouraged him to change his lifestyle, leading to changes in his appearance and behaviour.


Emmanuel then alleged that Emenandy invited him to his office, asking him to engage in sexual activities. He initially declined but was convinced by Emenandy’s explanation that it was a spiritual process to remove demonic spirits. Emmanuel testified that Emenandy showed him explicit content and encouraged him to perform sexual acts. The witness stated that he eventually agreed to anal sex and was subjected to various humiliating and painful acts, including drinking the pastor’s urine and eating faeces.

The court heard that Emenandy used violence to enforce his commands, and the witness described being pierced with a syringe and pepper being poured on his wounds. Emmanuel’s testimony revealed a harrowing series of events during his interactions with the pastor.

Justice Oyindamola Ogala adjourned the case until December 11 and December 14 for the continuation of the trial. Emenandy, who appeared unwell and was reportedly brought from the hospital, faces a three-count charge of sexual assault by penetration and sexual assault, contrary to Section 261 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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