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Sanwo-Olu takes bold actions for transportation and public health: Omotoso emphasises commitment to residents’ well-being

“Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has taken significant actions to improve the lives of the people of Lagos State,” Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Gbenga Omotoso, highlighted during his recent visit to Radio Lagos/Eko FM.

One of the significant actions taken by Governor Sanwo-Olu in response to the removal of petrol subsidies was the immediate reduction of fees for BRT buses and the Blue Line Rail by half. As Omotoso stated, “Immediately after the subsidy of petrol was removed, Sanwo-Olu slashed the fees payable on BRT buses and the Blue Line Rail by half.” This move significantly lowered the cost of commuting within Lagos, offering relief to many.

Gbenga Omotoso, Lagos State Commissioner for Information

In addition to these transport improvements, Governor Sanwo-Olu is also committed to enhancing the state’s transportation system. Commissioner Omotoso pledged that the “Red Line Rail would soon come on board” as part of the Governor’s efforts to further ease the burden of transportation in the State.

Omotoso addressed the recent closure of certain markets, stating that it was driven by the need “to prevent epidemics and other health issues that might arise from trading in filthy environments.” He stressed that leaving markets in unsanitary conditions posed greater risks and that closing them temporarily for cleaning was a necessary step to ensure public health.


Some markets were temporarily closed in different parts of Lagos. Omotoso stressed the importance of this action, noting that “it was more dangerous to leave markets where foodstuffs are sold to the public in an unsanitary condition than to shut them for a short period to allow for cleaning of the markets.”

Omotoso called on the people to play their part in safeguarding public property and projects. He urged them to report vandals and environment abusers to the government and law enforcement officers, emphasising the collective responsibility for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

During his visit to Radio Lagos/Eko FM and Lagos Television (LTV), Omotoso charged the management of the State Broadcasting Stations to become the foremost sources of breaking news and reliable media outfits. He highlighted the importance of these stations as trusted sources for confirming stories in an era of fake news.

Moreover, Omotoso revealed that the present administration’s primary goal was to position State media outlets at the forefront of productivity, professionalism, and international best practices. The drive is aimed at ensuring that these media outlets can effectively compete with other media organizations.


He reiterated Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for staff and providing essential tools, training, and resources for effective service delivery. The goal is to elevate State-owned media to world-class standards, aligning with the belief that global competitiveness is vital in today’s interconnected world.

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