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Nigeria and 119 UN member states support ‘Humanitarian Truce’ resolution on Israel-Gaza conflict

A non-binding resolution calling for an “immediate durable and sustained humanitarian truce” between Israeli forces and Hamas militants in Gaza garnered support from Nigeria and 119 other UN Member States on Friday.

The resolution also demands the “continuous, sufficient, and unhindered” provision of lifesaving supplies and services to civilians trapped in the enclave. This comes amid reports of expanded Israeli ground operations and intensified bombing campaigns.

Drafted by Jordan, the resolution received 120 votes in favour, 14 against, and 45 abstentions. It represents the UN’s first formal response to the hostilities since the Hamas terror attacks on October 7. The Security Council had previously failed to reach a consensus on any action in four attempts.

An amendment, supported by over 35 Member States, including the United States, seeking an explicit condemnation of Hamas, did not receive the required two-thirds support.


Several countries expressed their concerns about the humanitarian crisis and emphasised the urgent need for aid to reach the enclave, where supplies of food, water, and fuel have reached critically low levels.

The United States stated that “there is no going back to the status quo as of October 6” after the current crisis is over, emphasising the importance of a two-state solution.

Jordan’s UN Ambassador, Mahmoud Hmoud, stressed the urgency of the escalating situation on the ground and called for action on the resolution.

While council resolutions are legally binding, assembly resolutions are not, but they serve as an indicator of world opinion.


Ghana’s Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative Carolyn Oppong-Ntir explained that her delegation voted in favour of the resolution because the humanitarian crisis could not be ignored. She urged support for the two parties to resume and conclude a peace agreement, advancing the two-state solution.

France’s Ambassador Nicolas de Rivière supported the resolution, highlighting the need for a humanitarian truce and the catastrophic situation in Gaza. He expressed hope that the Security Council can reach a decision.

However, the Ambassador of Israel to the UN, Gilad Erdan, criticised the resolution, stating that it didn’t mention Hamas and questioning the goal of tying Israel’s hands. He emphasised Israel’s right to defend itself and called for Hamas to lay down their arms, turn themselves in, and return all hostages.

The Emergency Special Session will continue on Tuesday.


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