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Sanwo-Olu assures manufacturers of continued support for business growth

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, reiterated the state government’s unwavering commitment to supporting manufacturers and fostering the growth of their businesses within the state. He made this assurance during the completion ceremony of the first 2,000 vehicles assembled by GAC Motors in Ikeja, Lagos, marking a significant milestone for the indigenous automotive industry. The event, titled “Driving Towards a Prosperous Future – Celebrating CIG Motors’ Milestone in Lagos,” served as a testament to the fruitful partnership between local talents and international companies within the state.

Governor Sanwo-Olu outlined the forms of support that the government would offer manufacturers, emphasising business-friendly regulations, the provision of crucial infrastructure, and substantial investments in technical education. He underscored the importance of nurturing a world-class workforce to drive the state’s economy forward.

“Our commitment is to ensure Lagos remains the first choice for businesses, not only in Nigeria but across the West African landscape,” Governor Sanwo-Olu stated, underscoring the administration’s pro-business stance.

The governor commended CIG Motors, a Chinese indigenous car manufacturing company, for achieving the remarkable feat of assembling 2,000 vehicles within Lagos. He characterized this accomplishment as a reflection of both their expertise and the promise of fruitful international collaborations, essential for sustainable economic growth in an increasingly globalised world.


“In a rapidly globalising world, such collaborations are the propellers of sustainable economic growth. The establishment of CIG Motors here is a glowing emblem of our state’s openness to investments that foster job creation, skill development, wealth creation, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Today’s milestone is not merely a numeric achievement; it’s an epitome of multisectoral progress that stands to benefit Lagosians in a myriad of ways,” Sanwo-Olu declared.

The governor highlighted that the ripple effect of CIG Motors’ establishment transcends the automotive sector, underscoring the company’s significant contribution to employment opportunities and reduction in unemployment rates within Lagos. He emphasised the importance of skills transfer and technical training programmes initiated by the firm, which have empowered numerous unemployed individuals with the necessary skills to excel in today’s competitive job market.

“Furthermore, the wealth creation derived from this venture is palpable. Through increased economic activity, supply chain development, and ancillary businesses, wealth is being created and evenly distributed among our people. And it doesn’t end here; the innovative initiative that has intertwined CIG Motors with our state-sponsored taxi-hailing service, LagRide, is nothing short of visionary. This synergy not only provides affordable and quality transportation for Lagosians but also opens up a plethora of entrepreneurial opportunities for many,” Governor Sanwo-Olu stated.

Diana Chen, Chairman of CIG Motors, reflected on the journey that led to this milestone. She highlighted the significance of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Lagos State in 2020 and emphasised the company’s dedication to collaborating with the Federal Government to enhance intracity and sustainable transportation technology.


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