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Morocco’s ambitious plans for 2030 World Cup: New stadium in Benslimane and upgrades for six others

Morocco, one of the co-hosts for the 2030 World Cup, is gearing up for the event with a grand project in the works. The Prime Minister’s office announced on Friday that Morocco intends to construct a large stadium near Casablanca in Benslimane and undertake significant renovations on six additional stadiums.

A pivotal deal was struck on the same day between the government and the state-owned fund CDG, securing the financing for the construction of the new stadium. This state-of-the-art venue, scheduled to be completed by 2028, comes with a total price tag of 5 billion dirhams, equivalent to $500 million, according to the statement released by the Prime Minister’s office.

The six stadiums earmarked for renovation are set to host the African Cup of Nations in 2025 and, subsequently, the 2030 World Cup. These stadiums are located in the cities of Agadir, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Rabat, and Tangier, as outlined in the official announcement.

In a recent development, FIFA awarded the co-hosting rights for the 2030 World Cup to Morocco, Spain, and Portugal. Additionally, Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay were designated to host three matches to commemorate the tournament’s centenary.


Morocco’s preparations for the 2030 World Cup signify a significant milestone, marking the country’s second time as a host nation, with the first being in 2010 when South Africa had the privilege.

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