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Tethys Ltd. becomes exclusive licensee for Texaco lubricants in Nigeria

Nigerian company Tethys Ltd. has entered into an agreement with Chevron to serve as the exclusive brand licensee for Texaco lubricants throughout the country.

During the Chevron-Tethys Texaco Lubricants relaunch event held in Lagos on Thursday, Mr. Jaap Jan Mohlmann, Manager of Distributor and Export Sales at Chevron, expressed the company’s delight in reentering the Nigerian market.

Mohlmann pointed out that Chevron has had a longstanding presence in Nigeria and is pleased to collaborate with Tethys as the brand licensee for Texaco lubricants in the country. He highlighted Texaco as one of the world’s most recognised and largest lubricant brands, with an integrated supply chain, and expressed enthusiasm for their return to the Nigerian market.

“We have a long history in Nigeria and have established an extensive network. However, we are very selective about our associations. Chevron follows a rigorous selection process, including interviews and thorough checks, to ensure that our partners share our vision. We have a brand and reputation to safeguard, and we take every measure to ensure a true collaboration,” he said.


Mohlmann reassured Nigerians that Texaco lubricant products would be both affordable and durable, with a strong emphasis on quality.

He also emphasised the suitability of Texaco lubricants for Nigerian users due to their durability and affordability.

Explaining the company’s interest in the Nigerian market, he noted the country’s rapidly growing economy and its high population, emphasising that Nigeria’s demand for high-quality products is on the rise, making it a crucial market for success.

Mr. Habib Bello, Managing Director of Tethys Ltd., expressed the company’s honour and privilege of becoming the brand licensee. He emphasised the difference between being a brand licensee and a distributor, pointing out that Tethys sources all its raw materials and packaging locally, reducing costs and making its products more affordable to consumers.


Bello noted that Tethys, incorporated in June 2020, plans to explore further opportunities in the industry to expand its market share, aiming to become a prominent player in the sector over the next five years.

He highlighted Tethys as a sales and marketing company specialising in lubricants, with a team of professionals possessing over a decade of experience in the lubricants market.

Regarding future plans, Bello stressed that building trust with customers and consumers, ensuring reliability, and establishing a strong heritage are the company’s top priorities for the next five years.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that Havoline engine oil was available in the Nigerian market until Texaco’s stake was sold to MRS Oil. However, Forte Oil secured a supply agreement with Chevron Lubricants in 2008, bringing the Texaco brand back into the Nigerian market and providing more options for consumers seeking engine oil.


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