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Controversy surrounds vehicle clamping by LASPA in Lagos

A trending video has emerged, depicting vehicles parked in front of commercial businesses on Adeniran Ogunsanya being clamped by the Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA). While no immediate explanation was given for the clamping, it was suggested that LASPA was demanding parking levies for vehicles parked on business premises. The affected properties included Burger King, SLOT, King’s Plaza, and FCMB. Many bystanders found this action unfair, as the cars were not obstructing traffic by parking on the road.

However, LASPA has provided their perspective on the matter. In their response, they clarified the circumstances leading to the clamping of vehicles:

“The cars shown in the video belong to the occupiers of the properties who, despite receiving demand notices for Y2023 parking levies since June 2023, have refused to respond to the notices. The authority’s warning with the following inscription: “Warning! (Demand Notice Non-Compliance) liable to be clamped or towed—No Parking—Vehicles parked at owner’s risk” was visibly posted on the walls of the properties in question. Defaulters’ vehicles are only clamped until the levies are paid, or a letter of undertaking to commit to making the payment is issued by the defaulter to LASPA.”

LASPA cautioned the public against spreading misinformation about its activities, emphasising that their actions align with the parking policies of the state. They expressed their commitment to establishing a more sustainable and efficient parking environment and improving the parking culture among vehicle owners in Lagos State.


The Lagos State Parking Authority remains resolute in carrying out its regulatory roles, undeterred by individuals who resort to spreading false information to evade payment of taxes and levies owed to the government. It’s important to note that LASPA serves as the regulatory body overseeing private and commercial facilities to prevent indiscriminate parking along roads and setbacks in the state.

In the words of Mrs. Adebisi Adelabu, General Manager of LASPA, “The Agency remains resolute in the quest to create a more sustainable and efficient parking environment and improve the parking culture among vehicle owners in Lagos State.”

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