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Madonna’s epic career-spanning tour finally begins after delay

Madonna, the iconic pop superstar, is set to kick off her highly-anticipated tour, “Madonna: The Celebration Tour,” in London’s O2 Arena this Saturday. This tour, spanning her illustrious 40-year career, was initially slated to begin in Vancouver in July but had to be postponed due to the singer’s hospitalisation for a severe bacterial infection. With an impressive setup and a fresh outlook, Madonna’s fans can now look forward to an unforgettable experience.

Following her health setback, the seven-time Grammy Award winner decided to prioritise her recovery, leading to a rescheduled North American leg of the tour, commencing in December after the European concerts. According to Stuart Price, Madonna’s musical director, the delay allowed her to refine the show to meet her exceptionally high standards. “Madonna has very high expectations of how much hard work people will put into something. It’s very uncompromising – but she’s equally as hard on herself,” Price said, highlighting that Madonna is back at her best.

The tour promises a massive stage that covers an astonishing 4,400 square feet, a nod to the Manhattan grid, where Madonna’s musical journey began. Onstage, 24 performers will join her, including four of her children, adding a personal touch to the grand spectacle. Notably, Madonna will be transported high above the arena in an illuminated portal frame, resembling a time machine.

The O2 arena has also prepared a custom-made “Madonna-themed Royal Standard flag” produced by the British royal family’s flagmakers. This flag will fly high at the arena in honour of the pop sensation’s remarkable career.


Stuart Price confirmed that the concerts will feature more than 40 of Madonna’s iconic songs, with over half of them performed in full. The anticipation for this tour has been building, with Madonna herself sharing glimpses of the preparations on her social media. Her recent post with the caption “2 more days…………… #madonnacelebrationtour” alongside a party-popper emoji has left fans eagerly counting down to the event.

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