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Federal Ministry of Works addresses concerns over Dorman-Long Bridge’s condition

The Federal Ministry of Works has swiftly responded to concerns raised over the state of the Dorman-Long Bridge, following a viral video on social media suggesting that a portion of the bridge was in critical condition. In a press release dated September 18, 2023, the ministry clarified the situation.

The video, which gained traction on various social media platforms, depicted a section of the Dorman-Long Bridge, a crucial link connecting Ikorodu Road to Western Avenue (Jibowu-Ojuelegba), appearing to be in a deteriorating state. In response to the public’s apprehension, the Lagos State Field Headquarters Engineers, under the leadership of the Federal Controller of Works of the Ministry, took swift action by conducting an inspection of the bridge on Monday.

During the inspection, it was determined that the bridge’s structural integrity remained intact. Engineers reported that the bridge bearings, not only at the disputed location but also along the entire span, were found to be in robust and serviceable condition. Only a minor portion of the parapet wall was identified as damaged, which was reassured not to affect the bridge’s overall stability.

In light of these findings, the Federal Ministry of Works sought to assure the public that the Dorman-Long Bridge remains safe and fit for use. The ministry urged citizens to put their concerns to rest and continue using the bridge without hesitation.


In a statement e-signed by Engr(Mrs) O.I. Kesha, Federal Controller of Works, Lagos, the ministry underscored its commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of Nigeria’s vital infrastructure. The Federal Controller emphasized that ongoing maintenance efforts would continue to guarantee the longevity and safety of the Dorman-Long Bridge.

As the Federal Ministry of Works addresses these concerns and reaffirms the bridge’s condition, commuters and residents can continue to rely on this essential transportation link without any apprehension about its safety.

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