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Weather Forecast: Thunderstorms and rain showers expected to sweep Lagos this week

In the bustling metropolis of Lagos, here’s your exclusive weather forecast:

Monday: Lagosians can expect a day that begins with cloudy skies and the possibility of light rains during the morning hours. As the day progresses, brace yourselves for thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rains in the afternoon and evening.

Tuesday: Start your day in Lagos with a cloudy atmosphere, where moderate rains are likely during the morning hours. Later in the day, anticipate the possibility of localized thunderstorms sweeping across the city.

Wednesday: Lagos continues to be under a cloudy sky, with the morning hours presenting a chance of moderate rains. In the afternoon, keep an eye out for local thunderstorms that may grace the city.


Remember, heavy rainfall can result in flash floods, and the approach of thunderstorms often brings strong winds. It’s crucial for Lagos residents to exercise caution, avoiding travel through floodwaters and taking necessary safety measures. Staying informed with up-to-date weather reports from local authorities is advisable for a seamless and safe experience in this vibrant Nigerian city.

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