The perfect pair of jeans

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That perfect pair of jeans doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The sturdy, selvedge denim pair that looks nice now but will look absolutely magnificent in a couple of years and the stretch alternative that is pretty damn great from day one might make you feel that way. Neither one is a bad choice. Possible perfection in both cases! Exactly who is making these claims? The catch, though, is that The choice is yours: do a mild or dark wash. Lean; slender; erect; etc. It’s nearly impossible to settle on a single pair of bootcut jeans.

Thankfully, even a modest amount of education can have a significant impact. Some of the most helpful information you can obtain at this time, while you are in the midst of your impending denim crisis, has as much to do with the product as the players. That is to say, the first step in the right direction is to determine which denim labels best suit your preferences. How about denim? Do you like the high-end labels or the tried-and-true options? Does it not matter to you whether your jeans were made on a shuttle loom or a projectile loom? What do you think of the quality of Japanese jeans?

When it comes to menswear, denim is a must-have. The question is, though, who can spare the time? Instead of making you walk through a series of irrelevant links, we’ve compiled a list of 38 of the greatest denim brands available, from well-known names to more obscure ones, and a few surprises are thrown in for good measure. Whatever your denim needs may be—Carhartt, Levi’s, Visvim, Fear of God, and, hey, have you heard of Glenn’s Denim? You should. Have a successful hunt!

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