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[List] Osinbajo outlines promises if elected President

Nigerian Vice President, President Yemi Osinbajo promises a tech-driven future for Nigeria if elected as the next president of Nigeria.

In an announcement made on Monday morning, where he declared his intention to run for the presidency, he gave a long list of promises.

In the speech, Osinbajo said:

“I am today with utmost humility formally declaring my intention to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the platform of our great party, the All Progressives Congress. If by the grace of God and the will of the people, I am given the opportunity, then I believe that first, we must complete what we have started:


  • Radically transforming our security and intelligence architecture.
  • Completing the reform of our justice system focusing on adequate remuneration and welfare of judicial personnel and ensuring justice for all and the observance of the rule of law.
  • Rapidly advancing our infrastructural development, especially power, roads, railways, and broadband connectivity.
  • Providing an excellent environment for businesses to thrive.
  • Taking the agricultural revolution to the next level, especially mechanisation, and developing the farm to table value chain.
  • Making sure that the government, its agencies and regulators, serve the business community.
  • Creating a tech economy that will provide jobs for millions of young Nigerians.
  • Enhancing our social investment programme to a full-scale social welfare programme.
  • Completing the promise of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty within this decade.
  • Completing the task of ensuring that all Nigerians, male and female, attend school.
  • Reforming our educational system for relevance to the challenges of this century.
  • Completing the task of universal health coverage for all.
  • Strengthening the capacity of states and local governments to deliver on their respective mandates.
  • Above all, front and centre of our efforts will be the provision of jobs and opportunities for our young people.

I now must solemnly and respectfully seek the support of fellow Nigerians everywhere in this land, and in the diaspora, young and old, male and female, in the great and exciting journey that we have ahead of us, I seek your own support. We will, working together, establish, by the grace of God, a Nigeria of our dream in a few short years. “

While Vice-President Osinbajo touts the integrity of the current presidency, his major challenge would be getting Nigerians to believe that he is indeed sincere in delivering on the promises he has made, given the slide in the quality of governance that has been shown by the current administration in key areas including security and power.

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