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Lagos out of COVID-19 4th wave

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi has announced that the state is out of the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a Channels TV interview on Friday, the commissioner revealed that COVID-19 increased late last year when a lot of people returned to Lagos for the holidays but currently, the figures have dropped.

He adds that the state government is prepared in case another variant is detected.

Prof. Akin Abayomi,
Lagos State Commissioner for Health

The commissioner also encouraged residents to get vaccinated and stay safe from the deadly virus.


“So, we are out of the fourth wave now,” he said. “We are going to continue with our vaccination campaign. We are looking at boosters – anybody who wants the first dose, second dose and boosters.”

Prof. Abayomi said, “We are ramping up now because we are now out of the fourth wave. We don’t know what’s going to happen next. But we want to be prepared and the governor has said we need to hit certain targets this year. So, we are going back to the drawing board because there has been a lot of vaccine hesitancy. But we really need to look at how to encourage Lagosians to accommodate taking this vaccine.”

Making the case for the taking of vaccines, the commissioner said, “We know that the vaccines are effective in terms of reducing your vulnerability to severe illness from COVID. It doesn’t so much protect you from COVID, but it protects you from getting extremely unwell or even dying. And that’s exactly what we want to prevent in Lagos. We don’t want people to get sick and die. You can catch a cold off COVID, but we want you to recover.”

He disclosed, “In this fourth wave, most people were managed at home because the Omicron variant didn’t seem to affect the lungs as badly as the Delta variant.”


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