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Lagos Metropolitan goes full commercial

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Launches marketplace

LAGOS METROPOLITAN newspaper ( introduces online classifieds advertising for households and micro & small businesses.

Advertisers can now make obituary announcements, promote the sale of used items, offer properties for sale or rent, trade-off used or brand-new cars, or seek life partners on the paper’s self-service portal.

Screenshot of the Classifieds section on the Lagos Metropolitan website.

They can also post advertisements for free for a few days or for token amounts ranging from N4000 to N16000 for exposures of more than 3 days.

Payments can be made online.


Lagos Metropolitan newspaper which started publishing on 13th April 2020 has a wide online/social media presence that cuts across varied income classes.

It covers varied interests including breaking news, crime, economy, health, technology, politics, lifestyle, and entertainment, especially around the Lagos metropolis.

It is also an Amazon affiliate.

Lagos Metropolitan newspaper also intends to issue its print editions very soon.



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