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Burna Boy “steals the show” in Justin Bieber’s ‘Loved by you’ – Billboard

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Burna Boy has “stolen the show” again, according to a Billboard review of Justin Bieber’s album – Justice.

According to Billboard, an American entertainment media brand owned by the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group, a division of MRC Media & Info, on the track – Loved by you – a self-examination by Justin Bieber that lets you two-step, with Bieber “figuring out ways of to make up for his flaws before Burna Boy slides in and steals the show.”

Justin Bieber in the album – Justice. Credit: Billboard

The Billboard review said, “When you gather Justin Bieber, African pop giant Burna Boy and Skrillex onto the same track, good things are going to happen.”

Burna Boy is indeed on a roll.


Just last week, he not only performed at the 63rd Grammy show. he, himself, picked up a trophy for Best Global Music Album – Twice as Tall.

Justin Bieber’s album – Justice, features 15 tracks.

Says Billboard. “If Justice is indeed Justin Bieber’s strongest front-to-back listen to date, it’s for two main reasons: The 15 songs on its standard edition (not including the interlude) include no true missteps, and the project is varied enough to avoid any staleness.”

The video of “Loved by You” is below.



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