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How to rescue ourselves from our political leaders(5)

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Identify your candidates now

Dr. ChiChi Aniagolu-Okoye

Picture above credit: “Scramble for Africa” by Yinka Shonibare, (2003) Credit: Courtesy Yinka Shonibare/Stephen White/Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

Dr. ChiChi Aniagolu-Okoye

Most honest, hardworking people with the capacity to transform our country and states never run because the present system is jinxed against good people. To run the race the way we do now will be completely appalling to anyone who really wants to serve his or her people.

If we want to rescue ourselves from our political leaders, we need to identify the right candidates now, woo them and help build their image and connection to the people. Official campaigning, I know does not start until a few months to elections. I am not asking for them to start campaigning, no. I am saying lets identify the right candidate now, convince them to run and then start planting them in the minds of the people. We tell their stories, invite them to events to speak about the possibility of improved quality of life through electing the right leadership , especially at the political education classes you have started in your community. This is so necessary because so many people believe its ancestral curses, ‘arrows’ from the village and witchcraft that is keeping them poor. We also have to start raising money for them now. If we have a critical mass contributing money monthly and investing that money in lucrative ventures, in three years’ time, we will be amazed how much we have raised for their campaign. By raising honest money, we forestall money bags hijacking the election process. Also, if the micro credit schemes we have started in our communities are working, vote buying will reduce in 2023.


In traditional Africa society, the king is chosen by the kingmakers. Societies that didn’t have Kings still chose their leaders. We are the ‘kingmakers’ in a democracy. It is bizarre to expect someone to spend his/her money buying your votes, running his race almost exclusively, except for the people s/he pays, and then turn around serve us faithfully! If we want good leaders who will serve us, then we have to bring out the time and resources to help them climb to office! We really cannot afford another crop of bad leaders in 2023. We will be finished! We need to turn the tide.

If you don’t know now who you will like to be your governor in 2023, you understand why you are led by whatever comes!

We will address how to get him or her, a political party platform next….

  • Dr. ChiChi Aniagolu-Okoye, Country Director, TechnoServe Nigeria. is a Development Sociologist.

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