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Jekwu Ozoemene: My take on Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s Red Table chat

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By Dr. Jekwu Ozoemene

Jekwu Ozoemene

I just saw the trending Mr. and Mrs. Smith Red Table Talk Video that has majority of Nigerians branding Jada as an evil manipulative witch-bitch and Will as a cuckold husband.

They say that the couple’s marriage is toxic.

I would have to choose my words carefully before some brand me Beelzebub the prince of darkness.


Which Nigerian man does not know at least one married woman who is shagging a married or a single man or just generally shagging around?

Which Nigerian woman does not know at least one married man who is shagging a married or single woman or just generally shagging around?

Which middle aged married Nigerian Alpha male is not constantly being hit on by married Nigerian women?

Which married Nigerian swanky female is not under constant barrage by married Nigerian men?


Despite our avowed traditional morals or modern day religiosity, unless for those who wish to be willfully blind (see what I did there), this is something that was there even in the times of our parents and will be there long after we have gone.

As for Nigerian women attacking Jada, I hope you realize that our religiosity, chastity, piousness and avowed exclusivity in our marriages that you proselytize are meant to be “Closed” did not stop us from having one of the highest paternity fraud rates in the world.

The hypocrisy and condemnation from people in a society where everybody is shagging everybody (the married of both sexes arguably more than the single) is laughable.

Commentators are turning their noses up at the concept of an “Open marriage”.



Remove your face mask of hypocrisy and look around you. We are surrounded everywhere by “Open Marriages”. You probably have friends who have quietly settled into an “Open Marriage” without making a fuss. Unlike those your friends, Jada and Will chose to discuss their pubic affairs in public and have used it to open office on top of your head.

Personally, I think that marriage is one of the most complex institutions in this world. Every single one is different. So, if they don’t end up killing themselves, a couple who want to stay together against all odds will find a way to make it work. Anything that floats the boat of their marriage.

For those married Nigerians who are complaining, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are paddling their boat, “face your front” and paddle yours.


If you are one of the “for better for worse, till death do us part” type, I respect your choice but be ready to bale out water or patch up when your boat springs a leak (because your boat will spring a leak).

If all the bailing and patching fails, or if your life is threatened, biko abandon ship osiso.

  • Jekwu Ozoemene, a management consultant, describes himself as a Renaissance Man, Polymath, Father/Husband. Lover of life, in a perpetual search for the next truth.


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