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Azuka’s notes: COVID19 is real!

COVID19 notes by Azuka Jebose, Survivor


Thank you very much my people. I truly appreciate your prayers, love and affection. Please continue to listen to science and take precautions to live safely against this raging pandemic.
Practice everything science recommends to keep safe.

This is not about stubbornness, religion, wealth, politics or “guy man”. It is not about “slay queen” or social media influencer, engager or whatever that nonsense means.

Azuka on his sick bed

It’s about YOUR LIFE.


Coronavirus is deadly.

It will sneak into your body and slowly but painfully break you down, decimate your muscles, before it decides whether to kill you or allow you to fight it. It will attack your lungs first, the most vulnerable part of your body. You will fight daily to breathe. Imagine gasping all day! It will seize your bowel movement, no appetite for anything, not your favorite swallow.

Shit domiciled in my stomach for seven days until I was able to scatter my bathroom yesterday! Oh! What a relief, to shit for the first time in seven days! I just sorry for Alhaja.

Your simple speech becomes a moment of heavy cough struggles just to breathe, flickers, incoherent and anguished. These were my 12 days. I am home now, my lungs, slowly healing. This Shit is real. Please Stay Safe. I will try to daily drop my experiences as I continue to recover. Stay With Me.
Azuka Jebose


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