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New COVID19 cases in Lagos drop to 33, NCDC reports 87 nationwide

Lagos State recorded 33 new cases of COVID19 transmissions on Saturday.

In its tweet at 11.55pm Saturday, the NCDC reported 87 new cases of COVID19: 33 in Lagos, 18 in Borno, 12 in Osun, nine in Katsina, four in Kano, four in Ekiti, three in Edo, three in Bauchi, one in Imo.

So far, 1182 confirmed cases of COVID19 have been reported nationwide. 222 have been discharged: while there have been 35 deaths.

The breakdown is as follows:


Lagos-689 FCT-138 Kano-77 Ogun-35 Osun-32 Gombe-30 Katsina-30 Borno-30 Edo-22 Oyo-18 Kwara-11 Akwa Ibom-11 Bauchi-11 Kaduna-10 Ekiti-8 Ondo-4 Delta-6 Rivers-3 Jigawa-2 Enugu-2 Niger-2 Abia-2 Zamfara-2 Sokoto-2 Benue-1 Anambra-1 Adamawa-1 Plateau-1 Imo-1

One case who was confirmed in Lagos State, traveled to Ondo State for treatment. Therefore, the number of cases in Lagos is 689 and the number of cases in Ondo is four.

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