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Lagos issues new guidelines to CDAs on social distancing

Following a series of meetings held between officials of the Lagos State Community Development Commission (CDC) and all Community Development Association (CDA) executives, the Lagos State government has come up with new guidelines on COVID19 social distancing for business owners, traders and people in the various communities.

Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Lagos State, drastic measures are being taken to curtail the spread of this virus.

We learnt that this is in consideration of the increased spate of armed robbery cases in some areas in Lagos state which has made the Lagos state Government and all security agencies in the state to take proactive measures to prevent and combat crime across the state.

The new lockdown measures are:


Football and other games and workout in large group or small groups are prohibited on the streets and sport centres including large fields situated in local primary and secondary school fields, stadia, mini-stadia and any sort of open space which could serve sporting purposes.

Business owners and traders should stop all business transactions by 9:45pm.

Food vendors that run restaurants or roadside fast food shacks that sell food like snacks, instant noodles, akara or bread and other fast consumable foods, should close their business by 9:45pm. Also, such businesses should be pick-up joints only. Customers are not allowed to sit down and eat nor should they linger within the restaurant premises. They are advised to buy their food and leave the food vending premises immediately.

Beer parlours, tavern shops or night clubs cannot accommodate customers. Beer parlour owners are to encourage all customers to buy drinks and take home or provide home delivery services for their customers.


Barber shops and beauty care salons cannot accommodate more than four customers in the shop at a time depending on the size of the shop. Large shops cannot hold more than six persons.

Any other gathering exceeding seven persons are prohibited.

Otherwise, residents are allowed to stay indoors.

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