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Sanwo-Olu advises rescued street kids not to give up dreams

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Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has urged rescued “street boys and girls” to keep pursuing their goals of improving themselves as members of society.

When Aralola Olumuyiwa, also known as “Ara,” a female talking drum expert, and some of the street children she is rehabilitating through the “Eko Inspire Me” initiative, which is backed by the Lagos State Government, arrived at the Lagos House in Ikeja, Sanwo-Olu gave them some advice.

He listened to the young people’s heart-breaking accounts of how they were rejected by their peers and ended up on the streets.

Some of them had experienced broken families and low parental bonding. Some chose to survival on the streets after they became orphans, while others fled their homes after experiencing maltreatment.


Before they were saved, they had their ambitions and goals crushed, were considered urban annoyances, and were viewed as threats.

Through Gov. Sanwo-programme Olu’s “Eko Inspire Me,” the victims’ tales are finally starting to get better.

The governor urged the rescued homeless kids to take use of the opportunity to develop their talents rather than give up on their ambitions and dreams.

He praised the artist for developing the platform for the redemption of street children, promising to provide additional assistance for the effort and citing it as an effective model for bringing about social change.

Sanwo-Olu gave his approval for the distribution of working tools and equipment to 100 street kids who had received vocational training.

Through the social effort envisioned by Ara, almost a thousand street kids are currently being redeemed and given the tools they need to become productive members of society.

120 of them were welcomed by Sanwo-Olu, who promised them of his dedication to their complete recovery and reintegration into society.

He claimed that the scheme had given the victims the chance to start over and help themselves.

Sanwo-Olu claimed that the administration had placed equal emphasis on rehabilitating victims and transforming their lives as it had on tackling the problems that contribute to social isolation.

“The Eko Inspire Me” project, being championed by Ara, has been making our work a lot easier. This is the effort of someone which God has led to change many people’s stories to positive ones.

“The minimum we can do as a government is to lend our support and make life better for the victims. Through this initiative, we have connected with a community of homeless individuals aimlessly roaming the streets.

“Lagos has inspired so many people and elevated them to great positions from their humble beginning on the streets. As victims of social isolation, your stories must not be different.

“Ara is using her voice and wisdom through this initiative to help you and turn your situation around for good. The least that is required of you is to show your commitment to this effort, which is targeted at changing your situation,”

Ara previously stated that she had the idea for the programme ten years prior after witnessing her mother’s interactions with homeless children in Oshodi. She also mentioned that she almost gave up on the project due to a lack of financing.

She referred to Sanwo-Olu as “a man who cares for vulnerable young people” and claimed that he was the first governor to pay attention to her and support the project.

She claimed that many of the homeless youngsters on the streets are not born in such circumstances.

“They are individuals who found themselves homeless because of issues beyond them. We are using this project to lead them back home as responsible members of the society.

“We are empowering and encouraging them to discover their skills in sports, entertainment and other areas through this project.

“It takes a caring father to understand and help these children grow out of their mistakes. If truly we desire change in this country, we must see these victims as those who deserve a chance to live,” Ara said.

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