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Sex As A Skincare Routine

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Ugoma By Ugoma Johnson

Do you know that some teenage girls are actually having sex as a skincare routine? 🙃🙃

E shock you abi, lol.

Well, as untrue and shocking as that sounds, it is true. Some girls have actually been misled to believe that the reason they have pimples fighting for space on their faces is that they are not lubricating their engine (having sex). That has led to some teenagers indulging in sexual escapades as a way of getting rid of pimples. Imagine.

The crazy part is that most of the people propagating this lie are adults, then the craziest part is that they do not only make it seem as though lack of sex is the only reason teenage girls are having acne they also emphasize the fact that it is because they are not having FREQUENT sex.

So, to the propagandist of this satanic agenda, it is not just about having one-off sex but having multiple sexes.

During my early adult years when I was battling serious pimples, I have had guys jokingly tell me that the reason I have pimples is that I don’t lubricate engine, and then after a while when they begin to see fewer pimples on my face they begin to assume that she has probably started collecting lubricant. 😂😂

But all na wash. If lack of sex is the reason people have pimples, how come there are prostitutes with pimple-riddled faces? Why then do some married women and even newlyweds who are engaging in all manner of sex styles have pimples?

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Dear beautiful girl💃…particularly teenagers…

It is no longer news that puberty is one of those stages in life that is mostly characterised by all kinds of funny bodily changes.

Just in case, you haven’t been taught in school or your momma hasn’t summoned the courage to have these discussions with you, let me tell you straight up now.

Puberty is one of the major reasons teenagers have acne. Acne can come in form of whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples and this is because, during puberty, your hormone level is subject to changes that can cause an increment in oil production in the skin pores and hair follicles, and this increment in oil production in skin pores together with dead skin cells and bacteria can lead to a clog in your pores thereby causing acne.

So, you see that those pimples on your face are just the resultant effect of puberty and not a punishment for not having sex, in the same vein, having a spotless face during puberty is also not a sign that a fellow is having sex.

There is also something called premenstrual acne, I experience this a lot and I know that most females do too.

Premenstrual acne is the sudden breakout of pimples that most ladies experience a few days before their periods. For some people, it usually clears off some days after their periods to return a few days before their next periods, while for some other people, it could linger a bit into their next period which also comes with another set of premenstrual pimples adding to that of the previous month, this is one of the reasons why some ladies always have loads of pimples on their faces.

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WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF PREMENSTRUAL ACNE? premenstrual acne happens due to a fall in the estrogen and progesterone levels. These are the hormones responsible for the stimulation of the uterus and the preparation of the body for fertilization. So when the level of these hormones falls, it can cause a breakout on the skin.

Premenstrual acne is not something that you should be too worried about, in fact, I stopped worrying when I discovered that pimples are one of the premenstrual symptoms that happens to me before my periods, and most often, they clear off on their own without me applying anything on it.

In fact, research has shown that over 60% of females who are prone to acne actually develop acne before their period.

It is natural and if your period symptoms decide to come with pimples, there is nothing you can do to stop it, you can only help yourself with dieting, supplements, and skincare routines (beauty products) to lessen the after-effect. As I said, it is nature, you cannot run away from it, you can only manage it by living through it without letting it dampen your moods.

Dear parents…

This is the reason I keep saying that you should be the first to teach your teens these things. There is a lot of wrong information out there, if they don’t hear it from the media they will hear it from friends or classmates. When you teach your wards the truth, they can easily spot a lie when they see or hear it and stay off, but when you let them get used to lies before handing them the truth, they will struggle to accept the truth.

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Some of the teenagers who engage in sexual escapades as a skincare routine can be friends or classmates of your children and you cannot downplay the influence that they can have on your children.

People bully people for different reasons, meaning that your child can be bullied for having a pimple-infested face and the bullies can use that as an avenue to indoctrinate and pressure your child into having sex to achieve a spotless face so as not to be bullied anymore.

Parents, things are happening and you cannot afford to sleep on your duty post, wake up.

  • Ugoma Johnson is a journalist, published author of 3 books, a social worker, and founder, Teens Empowerment And Rehabilitation Centre (TercHub), a foundation that is saddled with the mandate to curb teenage pregnancy, illiteracy and period poverty, through transformational teachings, provision of school materials and sanitary pads for teenagers in ruler communities.

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