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The Fisherman’s Diary

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Image Credits: Pan African Film & Arts Festival.

Review by Chiamaka Nsude

The movie “The Fisherman’s Diary” is a story of betrayal, selfishness and greed which present themselves as tools to boycott a young woman’s dream. Set in Cameroon, the 2 hours 22 minutes movie which was released in 2020, chronicles the life of a 12year old girl who grew up in the coastal regions and inadvertently pursues a career in fish sales while nursing an ambition to pursue education.

The movie evokes emotions of pity and anger as elicited by the rich use of Cameroonian Pidgin English, a variety that is similar in texture to Nigerian Pidgin English. It however does not pass for a suspense filled movie as the plot does not leave so much room for a viewer to possibly wrong-guess the next line of action.

The storyline pursues a timely response to the narrative which favours the importance of girl child education while staying carefully avoiding the establishment of a gender war. In all, it is an extremely interesting movie to see.

The movie stars Kang Quintus, Faith Fidel, Ramsey Nouah, Onyama Laura and a host of other celebrated Cameroonian actors.

It is available on Netflix.

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