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How to rescue ourselves from our political leaders (1)

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By Dr. ChiChi Aniagolu-Okoye

Illustration above credit: Unite. 1969. ©Barbara Jones-Hogu

EditPro | Lagos Metropolitan newspaper Dr. ChiChi Aniagolu-Okoye

Following my last post everyone has been asking for.practical steps ordinary people can take to start the rescue process. Starting from today I will share tips every other day on what can be done

To start the rescue process, we must believe that a just, prosperous, democratically functioning Nigeria is possible. If we don’t believe it, it will never come to pass. Everything we see in the physical started with someone believing in its possibility despite the odds. Aeroplanes, cars, medical breakthroughs, etc., all the things we take for granted today were once assumed impossible.

What we see today makes the idea of a Nigeria of our dreams seem impossible. But to conquer those who have held us down we must believe that their reign can and must come to an end. Black people had no weapons against the oppression of slavery, colonialism or apartheid but not once did we believe that those oppressions would be our destiny forever. Yes, it took years but our faith only got stronger. We never became mightier than our oppressors but we threw off their yoke nonetheless. We are a people that have known incredible suffering but we are also a people that have triumphed amazingly. The new oppressors, our own leaders must experience the power of our belief. We can overcome the vile, greedy, unjust leaders we have today. We can have good, efficient, resourceful, goal oriented leaders. WE CAN! When you believe then your mindset is ready for change.

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To believe, start vocalising your vision of a new Nigeria. Every morning and everytime Nigeria comes to your mind say ‘a just, prosperous Nigeria is possible. I am truly thankful for this beautiful country and I believe with all my heart that we can have fantastic leaders leading us to greatness.’ You can put it in your own words. The idea is to keep saying positive things that will slowly but surely start shifting our mind to believe and long for the change we seek.

Believing makes you want and wanting leads to action….

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